The Sleeping Beauty was originally adapted from both the Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

In Perrault’s version, the princess’s name is Aurora, meaning sunrise or Dawn in Latin, but in Grimm’s version it is Briar Rose. Both names feature in the Disney film.aurora-main

Born to a loving and devoted King and Queen, Princess Aurora immediately fills her parents with such joy and excitement at finally having a baby. While still very young they betroth her to to the equally young Prince Phillip.

Aurora’s christening soon takes place and is a wonderful occasion for the whole kingdom. The good fairies arrive with their gifts for the little princess. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather can’t wait to see her. Flora gives her the gift of beauty, Fauna gives the gift of song, but just as she finished, Maleficent arrives on the scene absolutely furious at not being invited to the important occasion. In anger, she places a curse upon the little princess for her to die when she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel spindle before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday.

The third fairy, Merryweather hasn’t yet given a gift, so she changes the curse so that instead of dying, Aurora would fall asleep until the curse was broken by her true love’s kiss.

Knowing how powerful Maleficent is, the three fairies take Aurora to live with them in the woods, where they can keep her safe from any harm until her sixteenth birthday. To make sure she is kept as safe as possible, they change her name to Briar Rose.

Rose blossoms into a truly beautiful woman and continues to live with the three fairies, she believes are her Aunts.

Unknowingly she meets her true love

One day, she is out picking berries in the woods, when she is overcome by song. Upon hearing the beautiful voice, Prince Phillip is immediately attracted to the voice and as he too, had blossomed into a handsome young man, the pair fell instantly in love. Soon Rose had to return home without ever realising who he really was. At that same time, her ‘Aunts’ chose to return her back to the King and Queen, reveal her true identity and her betrothal to Prince Phillip.

Meanwhile, Phillip returns home and declares his love for a peasant girl he met in the woods and his desire to marry her instead of Princess Aurora, the girl he was betrothed to at a very young age.

The curse was upon her

Having returned to the castle, Princess Aurora soon has the misfortune of meeting Maleficent who doesn’t hesitate in using her powers and magic to lure poor Aurora up to the tallest tower, where a spinning wheel was waiting for her. Having never seen such a thing before, Aurora became curious and excited and as soon as she went to touch it, her finger was pricked and she fell into a deep sleep.

The good fairies place Aurora on her bed with a red rose in her hand and force the entire kingdom into a deep sleep too, so they can find a way to break the curse.

Phillip is the answer but he is soon captured by the cruel Maleficent to prevent him from breaking the curse. The prince never gives up and battles with the evil force when she turns herself into a gigantic fire-breathing dragon. At last, he plunges his sword into the heart of the dragon killing her.

Finally, Phillip climbs into Aurora’s room and breaks the curse forever with a kiss. Realising who each other are, they are ecstatic at finally finding their true love. Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora live happily ever after.

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